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Energy Saving Maintenance Tips for Foodservice Equipment

Veteran service agent Bruce Peeling shares some basic foodservice equipment maintenance tips that will help ensure an item continues to function at peak efficiency.

  • The ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized to maximize equipment efficiency and reduce harvest time. This can be done by following instructions on the machine.
  • Check all refrigeration door gaskets and latches for proper fit and clean door gaskets. Wiping gaskets off will extend the life of the gaskets and keep them pliable.
  • Clean the dishwasher to keep scale build up off the heating source to maximize the efficiency of the heat exchange, which will save on the electric bill.
  • Inspect dishwasher drain stand pipes and O-rings to ensure a tight closure, which will keep energy from running down the drain as the machine runs.
  • Check gauges on water filter systems and have a dated sticker that indicates what was replaced.
  • With fryers, be sure to clean the burners so gas flows into the unit correctly. Also adjust the blower so it is functioning properly and clean the flue so it can
  • properly exhaust gas.
  • Wipe off excess grease from gas regulators attached to the equipment to prevent them from becoming clogged and result in improper gas pressure going to the equipment.