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Service Tips: HVAC Systems

Practically every restaurant with indoor dining has an HVAC system and the quality of those systems directly impact the customer experience, not to mention the health of guests and employees. Here are a few tips operators can take to keep their HVAC systems running well.

  • Operators should put pan tablets into their HVAC drain pans. These actively disinfect the pans, reducing the risk of mold and bacteria growth, including the bacteria behind serious diseases such as Legionnaires disease.
  • Service your system regularly. This includes changing filters and cleaning coils. In some cases, operators can perform these tasks. In many others, the location of the system means a professional HVAC service company should be hired to handle the job. It’s probably not wise, for instance, to send an employee to the roof of the building to access the HVAC system.
  • Operators should set their thermostats to proper temperatures during off-hours. Don’t set it too low in the winter. Doing so can cause the unit to freeze up on cold nights. Similarly, setting an AC too high during the summer can force the unit to overwork when staff arrive in the morning. This ultimately can consume more electricity and cause unnecessary HVAC wear and tear. An HVAC service company can help determine the right off-hours temperature for each system.