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2020 Vision: State of the Industry

The only constant is change.

While that cliche has always rung true for foodservice, few would argue that what’s different at the moment is the unprecedented rate of change the industry continues to experience. The accelerated pace at which technology continues to spread its sphere of influence only serves to amplify shifts in consumer demographics and the way customers choose to use foodservice.

Yet, despite this period of extreme change, overall foodservice sales growth continues to inch along in the 1 percent to 2 percent range each year. As a result, the individual members of the supply chain — from operators all the way up to factories — must continue to roll with these changes faster than ever in order
to simply maintain their position within the market.

What does this all mean for a large, very established industry? What role will technology and robotics play in the restaurant of the future? Will eco-friendly operations become the norm? What will the cookline of the future look like?

Before you can understand the overall direction of the foodservice industry, it’s important to understand how it arrived at this point in time, the factors that will shape the industry over the next 12 months and the bigger-picture implications of these developments. This first installment of FE&S’ six-part 2020 Vision series addresses these issues and more through careful data analysis and sharing the perspective of a quintet of foodservice industry thought leaders.

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