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Facility Tips: Kitchen Floors

Maintaining a clean kitchen is the responsibility of every operator. While it may seem like daily sweeping and mopping is enough, there are plenty of steps operators can take to make their kitchen floor cleaner and safer for customers and employees. Here are few tips from cleaning product maker Avmor.

  • Clean the floor drains. They’re easy to overlook, but the underside of drain covers can get coated with grease, food particles and other nasty stuff that attracts bugs.
  • Vacuum the kitchen floor. Even though it’s a solid surface, vacuuming a dry floor every couple of weeks can get dirt and food particles that are hard to reach with a broom.
  • Clean spills immediately. Many kitchen floors are porous, so they absorb spills, which in turn attracts insects.
  • Use cleaning products that “digest” organic soils. These can eliminate grime in the cracks, grout and other places and work for days after use.
  • Declutter. Insects hide in clutter. Fewer hiding spaces means fewer insects.