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Service Tips: Ranges

Ranges are one of the near-essentials for any professional kitchen. Their simple nature — a heat source applied directly to a pot or pan — makes them useful for sauteing, frying and many more applications.

Here are a few tips to keep your range running smoothly:

  • Clean ranges at least once per day to avoid food buildup and blocks on the burners.
  • While ranges are solid pieces of equipment, make sure your team knows not to stand on the unit to get something out of reach. Doing so can easily damage the burners, knobs, etc.
  • Keep the vents on rear of the range clear of debris.
  • Culinary professionals constantly place large, heavy pots and pans on rangetops. Cracks in the burner or heating elements likely means it is time to replace the range.
  • Because of their heavy usage, ranges will need regular servicing, during which technicians should grease the burner valves, check the pilot light and keep the machine properly calibrated.