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Service Tips: Conveyor-Style Warewashers

Often used by institutional feeders, conveyor washers allow operators to efficiently clean large amounts of dishes over long periods of time. Below are some tips to keeping a conveyor-style warewasher running properly.

  • Empty the unit’s scrap baskets at least once a day, and more often depending on how long the unit runs. When emptying, don’t strike the basket against a solid object, though. Doing so can cause the basket to break.
  • Clean the curtains daily. If they are not cleaned regularly, you’re inviting mold and mildew.
  • Flush the spray arms with hot water regularly, following your manufacturer’s guidelines. Keep an eye out for mineral deposits on the arms and nozzels.
  • As with all water-using equipment, the machine’s interior should be de-limed on a regular basis.
  • Keep an eye out for leaks. A small leak can end up costing operators plenty of money in water and drainage bills and can lead to more serious breakdowns.