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Roll-in Refrigerators Applications

Roll-in refrigerators are typically utilized for prep line storage. 

Roll-in refrigerators and freezers can store a wide variety of perishable food, including meat, produce, eggs, dairy products and condiments.

Roll-in refrigerators are often specified in high-volume operations to increase the operation's efficiency and speed of service. These units also are commonly a part of cook-chill operations. After food is cooked and blast chilled, it can be placed in pans and stored in a roll-in unit until needed.

These units are also often placed in the prep area to contain cold items that have been transferred from a walk-in refrigerator.

The biggest misconception with this equipment is that it can be used to bring down the temperature of cooked food. Hot food should never be placed in these units. Items with internal temperatures of 160 degrees F. that are stored in a roll-in refrigerator run the risk of pathogen growth. These refrigerators are designed to hold food that is already chilled.