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Maintaining Roll-in Refrigerators

Keeping up with regular maintenance can help extend the service life of roll-in refrigerators. 

Although regularly cleaning the condenser can help extend a roll-in's service life, there are other basic maintenance requirements that should be regularly performed.

  • The cabinet's interior should be wiped out daily. Spills should be cleaned up and food debris removed when necessary.
  • Clogged condenser coils are the main cause of compressor failure. Depending on the application, coils should be cleaned monthly or every other month at minimum.
  • Operators should check often for torn gaskets, as these will prevent doors from sealing properly and compromise storage temperatures. This is dangerous in terms of food safety. The solution used to clean gaskets should not contain alcohol or chlorine, as they are drying agents that will shorten the life of the gaskets.
  • Special attention should be given to the ramp and seal on the bottom of the unit, which should be kept clean.
  • Evaporator fins should be cleaned often, especially when the unit is exposed to grease.