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Maintaining Coffee Brewers

The better the condition of the water being used, the less maintenance issues a coffee brewer will experience.

The type of unit and water quality will determine the amount of maintenance a coffee brewer will require. Here are seven key steps operators should take to keep brewers in top operating condition.

  • Temperature drops, constant dripping and inconsistent fill levels are indicative of lime build-up on the heating elements or the valves that control water flow. This needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Stainless steel is porous, so the unit's interior and exterior need wiping down on a daily basis.
  • Remove coffee oils from the spray head area every day.
  • If the unit includes a faucet, this should be taken apart and cleaned regularly.
  • Clean the water spray head every day.
  • Routinely check for and promptly replace broken parts.
  • Unlike residential coffee makers, refrain from using vinegar when cleaning commercial brewers.

Operators installing new coffee machines have to take into consideration water conditions. Water should be treated for taste, odor and mineral deposits with proper filtration. Lime scale is a coffee brewer's worst enemy. It's important to change water filters regularly to prevent build up.