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How to Know When to Replace Coffee Brewers

Lime scale can negatively impact a coffee brewer by damaging parts, which can lead to a shorter service life for this piece of foodservice equipment.

A majority of the time, coffee brewers will have an issue that an operator can work with a service agent to easily address. Yet, coffee brewers do offer a few signs that it may be time to replace them. Here are three examples:

Repair costs: A general rule is when service costs add up to half the cost of a new unit, it's time to replace it. When there are numerous service issues that begin to add up both in number and cost, a new coffee brewer is most likely warranted.

Dents and scratches: Particularly in the front of the house, units with an excessive number of dents and scratches may be eyesores that need replacing.

Older unit: Coffee brewers typically last from seven to 12 years, or even as long as 25 years, depending on how the units are cared for. If the unit is more than 10 years old with numerous service issues, operators may want to consider a new brewer with more updated technology.