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Blending Up More Beverages

Expanding beverage menu offerings could satisfy the current increase in customer demand for blended drinks and boost bottom lines, according to a new study conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Vitamix.

blended beveragesAmong the 2,720 U.S. adults aged 18 or older surveyed, 72 percent of adults purchase blended drinks outside the home.

The study, which provides a detailed snapshot of blended beverage buying habits of U.S. adults, also found that 38 percent of U.S. adults said they purchase blended drinks outside the home at least once a month. At least once a week 17 percent of adults purchase blended drinks outside the home and 12 percent indicated they purchase blended drinks a few times per month.

The primary reason (67 percent) U.S. adults who make or purchase blended beverages is for a treat, while just over a third (37 percent) view them as a snack. Roughly 20 percent said they purchase blended beverages for entertainment, dessert and nutritional supplement reasons.

Forty-three percent of those who purchase blended drinks outside the home purchase blended coffee drinks. Women (50 percent) are more likely to do so than men (35 percent). An equal percentage, also 43 percent, noted that they purchase shakes, and thirty-seven percent purchase smoothies, followed by 35 percent for alcoholic drinks.

Adults under 35 years of age are the majority consumers of blended beverages at 43 percent, and men purchase more smoothies than women (39 versus 32 percent).