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Bargreen buys Montana Chemical Company

Bargreen Ellingson has expanded its chemical and leasing business by acquiring Advanced Chemical Solutions.

ACS traces its roots back to 1991 when Gary Brink Inc., the Hobart sales and service agent for Eastern Montana and Northern Wyoming, entered the chemicals market. Then in 1996, Billings, Mont.-based ACS became a standalone company, selling chemical programs and leasing dish machines. The company’s customer base spans Montana, Wyoming, Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Twelve members of the ACS staff will now become part of the Bargreen Ellingson team.

“Having partnered with ACS for the last five years, we’ve seen how that partnership has kept us closer and more connected to the needs of our customers,” said Eric Ellingson, vice president of Bargreen Ellingson. “This realization had led Bargreen to invest in dishwasher leasing and chemical support elsewhere throughout our company. Over the past two years, Bargreen’s division has grown across four of the ten states we serve, showing the program’s rapid adoption by customers and staff alike. With ACS joining Bargreen Ellingson, it enables us to approach each customer relationship with one goal in mind— continuing to serve those who serve others.”