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Smoothie Factory Juice Bar Opens Co-Branded Location in the Northeast

Smoothie Factory opened its first two northeastern locations. But the growth comes with a twist: these units operate from inside two Friendly’s Restaurants and may be the sign of things to come.

“We are hopeful to introduce more co-branded units in the future,” said a Smoothie Factory spokesperson via email.

Both locations will offer the Smoothie Factory menu for online ordering and delivery, which includes a selection of specialty smoothies and four power bowls, made with a blend of superfruits and topped with whole fruits, coconut and granola. This store-in-store footprint is the first from the unified leadership team over both brands.

“We are uniquely positioned to capitalize on existing real estate and increase foot traffic by using our Friendly’s kitchen to prepare and serve Smoothie Factory items for online ordering and delivery,” said Craig Erlich, president and CEO of Friendly’s Restaurants and BRIX Holdings, the parent company of Smoothie Holdings FC, LLC.

While both concepts share a single location, smoothie equipment and ingredients remain separate from Friendly’s menu and do not interfere with the flow and function of Friendly’s kitchen. Friendly’s employees in both Connecticut locations have been through a multiday training conducted by the Smoothie Factory Corporate Team. The company is also testing both online-order-only and dine-in models, too, per a spokesperson.