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Trend: Global Flavor Demand

Global flavors are on the tip of every foodie’s tongue. Younger Millennials and Gen Z continue to drive demand, according to Technomic’s Consumer Trends report. Boomers are not far behind, looking to treat
tired palates with novel tastes.

Global flavors provide an easy way to spice up any menu. But, which flavors to introduce? Which flavor sources are trending? Depends on who you ask. According to Statista, trending flavor sources include African, Filipino and Peruvian. Mintel says Middle Eastern is hot. Technomic has identified Korean and Peruvian specialties.

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Datassential is betting on Pandan, a tasty leaf from Southeast Asia; Ube, a purple yam from Filipino cuisine; black garlic; and persimmon. Technomic believes gochujang, a Korean condiment, is the “next sriracha.”

Here are some equipment and supplies associated with a variety of global flavors and cuisines.

Cuisine: African
E&S Implication:
● Earthenware pot: used on an open flame, it slows the cooking process to enhance flavor

Cuisine: Southeast Asian
E&S Implication:
Heavy-duty chopping block for cutting whole-cooked chicken or fish through the bone
Asian knife: cleaver, chopper
● Industrial wok
● Curved spatula
● Stackable bamboo steamers
● Sushi rollers

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
E&S Implication:
● Ibrik: to make Turkish coffee
● High-quality stand mixer for kneading dough
● Skewers

Cuisine: Indian
E&S Implication:
● Karahi/Kadhai: Indian version of a wok
● Pressure cooker
● Crockpot
● Steamer

Cuisine: Greek
E&S Implication:
● Olive oil can: allows small amounts to be poured

All Global Cuisines
E&S Implication:
● Mortar and Pestle
● Spice grater

Global Mash-ups

An excellent way to introduce diners to a new, unfamiliar flavor is to marry it to a familiar dish. The National Restaurant Association has named ethnic fusion as one of the top five 2018 global trends in its What’s Hot Culinary Forecast.

  • Here are some mashup examples:
  • Taco shell with Korean BBQ
  • Pizza with Moroccan spices
  • Tandoori fried chicken
  • Chicken tikka poutine
  • Hot dogs with kimchi salsa
  • South American corn cake with Greek moussaka