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Bettcher Opens Innovation Center

Foodservice equipment manufacturer Bettcher Industries, Inc. opened an innovation center at its headquarters in Birmingham, Ohio. The Bettcher Innovation Center (BIC) is a multi-use facility that enables conceptual testing, demonstrations and collaboration among employees as well as with Bettcher's customers and business partners.

The BIC facility consists of three key sections: a test kitchen, a demo lab and a collaboration area. The test kitchen is a commercial-grade space with equipment for prepping, cooking and testing of food products.


The demo lab enables exploratory activities involving current and soon-to-be launched equipment and tools designed by Bettcher. Equipped with such features as workbenches, glass writing boards and white wall backdrops for clear video and photography shoots.


 The collaboration space promotes small group brainstorming. In addition to providing Internet and technology integration for research-gathering and ideation sessions, the collaboration space houses a large product display wall showcasing examples of Bettcher’s current product offerings.