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Is "Stagflation" on the Rise? Plus, More Foodservice News

Recently the term “stagflation” has popped up. A burger chain turns to AI to offer customers suggestions on what to order. These stories and more This Week in Foodservice.

A month or so ago there was some guarded optimism that the Federal Reserve’s interest policy would control inflation and the economy have a so-called soft landing. But in the last few weeks pessimism has risen and the word “recession” has appeared more frequently. One economist was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying it will be very difficult for some countries to avoid a recession

More recently the term “stagflation” has popped up. This is the worst of both worlds — high-interest rates and a slow economy.

Be it inflation or recession, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Economic News This Week

The U.S. Federal Reserve reported that consumers increased their borrowing in April by 10.1% on an annual basis. Revolving credit, which is mostly credit card debt, rose by a record 19.6%. Non-revolving credit, such as auto loans, student loans, etc., increased by 7.1%. Outstanding consumer credit hit an all time high of $4.57 trillion in April.

Foodservice News This Week

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