Foodservice by Design

Team members from Profitality-Labor Guru discuss how industrial engineering can be applied to the foodservice industry.


Why Foodservice by Design?

We are about to start a new era for Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine. It is indeed great news that the industry's leading publication is ready to take flight again.

Juan Martinez, Principal, Profitability, Miami
Juan Martinez, Principal, Profitality, Miami

On behalf of the many of us that work in the foodservice industry and deal specifically in the equipment and technology arena, I would like to thank the leadership of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies for embracing the challenge and accepting the responsibility to continue to educate the industry and share leading edge information.

Having attended FE&S' Dealer of the Year and Industry Awards Gala, I was inspired by all of the presentations made by those honored by the magazine. Their heart-felt speeches got me to thinking about what I like most about the foodservice industry and what inspires me when working with clients or even writing this blog.

So for my first post on the new FE&S website, I would like to share some of these thoughts with the hopes that doing so will encourage you to share your inspirations, thoughts, challenges and observations about the foodservice industry. In addition to sharing my own experiences, I want to be able to cover topics that interest you and, hopefully, establish an ongoing dialogue about this dynamic industry in which we work.

The title of the blog is "Foodservice by Design." The name implies that foodservice concepts should be designed through a disciplined and careful thought process. This is the only way to optimize the foodservice operator's investment. And helping foodservice operators optimize their investment represents my passion and, not so coincidentally, a large portion of my business.

While many factors can affect a restaurant's ability to be successful, I like to focus on six operational and investment parameters:

  • The processes and procedures that staff follow
  • The equipment and technology serve as the platforms staff use
  • The design of the place (workstations and layout)
  • The people (labor) that operate the facility
  • The products available to consumers
  • The promotions the company uses to drive sales
  • In the ideal foodservice design, the interlacing and interrelations between each of these areas must be well thought out to ensure a synergistic and holistic operation. Ultimately, the foodservice design that minimizes the cost, maximizes the hospitality and service the customers receive will, by default, optimize the investment. This approach is a necessary ingredient to fuel the growth of an individual concept.

    My next post will provide additional thoughts in each of the aforementioned areas.

    In the meantime, what keeps you engaged in the foodservice industry? I look forward to hearing from you.