• Charbroiler Service Tips

    Charbroilers call back to probably the first form of cooking: placing food over an open flame. Today’s units are more complicated than that, of course, and require regular care and maintenance to operate properly. Here are a few tips to keeping your charbroiler running smoothly.

    • Clean the unit daily. This includes wiping down the exterior and emptying the grease traps.
    • Charred food particles can easily get stuck to grates. Turn them over and burn them off on a regular basis, following the manufacturer's instructions. Deflector trays and crumb trays should be cleaned regularly as well.
    • Cooking food on char broilers produces
  • Service Tips: Charbroilers

  • CFESA Service Tips: Charbroilers

    Charbroilers are one of the most straightforward pieces of foodservice equipment but servicing them should not be taken lightly.

  • Broilers: An Overview

    Although there are electric units, the majority of broilers are gas powered.

  • How to Know When to Replace Broilers

    Broilers can have a service life as short as five years or as long as 20 years, depending on use and how well the unit is maintained.

  • Broiler Applications

    Broilers are a key piece of equipment, as these units are responsible for preparing the priciest menu items.

  • Maintaining Broilers

    Keeping the amount of grease and food debris build-up to a minimum will help extend a broiler's service life.

  • Spec Check: Broilers

    There are a wide range of broilers offering different sizes and heating capabilities for specific production needs.

  • Energy Efficiency and Broilers

    Broilers typically operate with gas valves wide open, which compromises energy efficiency.

  • CFESA's Maintenance Tips for Charbroilers

    Some quick tips for maintaining charbroilers.