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Simplicity Leads to C-Store Success

Hobart food prep in kitchenWith the iCombi Pro’s custom screen, operators don’t have to set the time or temperature for use.

Convenience stores have upped the ante when it comes to foodservice. As the market has become more competitive, and retailers realize the profits legitimate meal programs bring in, menus have become a point of differentiation for c-stores.

The challenge then becomes finding equipment that is multifunctional that can fit in these stores’ small footprints but still produce high-quality, consistent food with minimal labor and training.

Small Size

RATIONAL USA’s iCombi Pro XS, 6-half and 10-half are the smallest of the iCombi units and ideal for use in a c-store environment. The iCombi Pro XS can accommodate four half-sheet pans or two-third size GN pans, perfect for retailers who don’t need full size pans of food.


With unskilled labor and high turnover, ease of operation has become more important than ever in the c-store space. By just touching the food item on the screen, the pre-programmed unit prepares high-quality items consistently time after time. And if load sizes change day to day or hour to hour, the combi oven automatically recognizes this and adjusts the cooking time accordingly. The same is true if there is heat loss from the combi oven door opening and closing; extra time is built in so product consistency is never an issue. 


What can RATIONAL USA’S iCombi Pro do? The question is, what can’t it do? This combi oven bakes, grills, pan and air fries, steams, overnight cooks, cooks sous-vide, smokes, and more. Fry food without using loads of oil for healthier chicken tenders and French fries. The cabinet can add moisture when needed, but also dehumidify at the end of a cooking cycle to crisp products or create grill marks on steaks, transferring heat directly to proteins for perfect results every time.

Conventional ovens can only cook one type of item at a time, which causes bottlenecks and long lines. With iCombi’s multiple shelves, many types of food with different cooking time requirements can be prepared simultaneously for faster throughput – a must for c-stores. 

Integrated Hood

RATIONAL USA’s UltraVent, an integrated hood system for the iCombi, captures steam, then condenses it into a liquid that goes directly down the drain. No additional drainage is needed for this unit. The UltraVent also includes extra HEPA filters that catch smaller particles and smoke. The combi ovens can be ordered with the hood already installed, and built-in intelligence ramps up speed and notifies when HEPA filters need replacing. C-stores also can add an integrated hood in the field, which requires a 110V power supply. The plug-and-play hood comes in both single and three-phase versions.

Easy Maintenance

RATIONAL USA’s iCombi line is simple to maintain with its iCareSystem. Just place the cleaning tablets in the unit at the end of the day, and it takes care of scale within the cabinet with its self-washing cycle. The company provides a five-year warranty on the steam generator and a two-year parts and labor warranty, so the system is covered for worry-free use.

All iCombi purchases come with complimentary four-hour chef training on site at the store. C-store operators also have access to a chef line that provides support 24/7.