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Polar Leasing: Refrigeration That’s in Stock, Ready to Go

Over the past few years, foodservice operators became all too accustomed to hearing the phrase “out of stock.” 

As the pandemic took hold and supply chain disruptions increased, many operators found that refrigeration units they had ordered could not be delivered on time. Also, increased usage by laboratories and other medical entities cut into the stock available. So operators turned to Polar Leasing to help them solve their short-term refrigeration and freezing issues.

Another dual-temperature refrigeration unit from Polar Leasing is rolled into place, ready to go.Another dual-temperature refrigeration unit from Polar Leasing is rolled into place, ready to go.

Upon seeing this increased demand, Polar Leasing sprang into action and has spent the past two years ramping up the production of their dual-temperature refrigerator-freezer units. Now they have the ability to provide more units than ever before. That means wherever you are, you can get a unit on a short- or long-term basis from Polar Leasing. And with our growing nationwide distribution network, it will be delivered to you quickly — typically, in a matter of days.

Polar Leasing units provide the maximum in flexibility: whether you need a refrigerator or a freezer, our walk-in units provide perfectly consistent temperatures in a size that fits any operation and budget. Rentals are delivered completely set up and ready to go. No assembly is ever required; just a simple electrical connection is all that’s needed.

Whether it’s to cover refrigeration needs for special events, as temporary backup during construction or to provide additional storage for peak times, no one can supply an operator’s refrigeration needs more completely and quickly than Polar Leasing.