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Opening the Door to Profitability

Containing the same in-house pioneered, award-winning self-contained refrigeration technology found in their open coolers, Structural Concepts’ new refrigerated door merchandisers require 82% less energy to operate, allow for merchandising 36% more food with extended product visibility, and lead to a faster return on investment.  

Structural Concepts BD3632DR 3000x1500 03 20 2023 1Structural Concepts continues to set the standards for superior food displays with our new refrigerated door merchandiser. Containing the same award-winning technology found in our open coolers, these units consume less daily energy while providing the same presentation and merchandising pack out.Available in single and two-door configurations, these new purpose-built refrigeration solutions deliver reliability, unmatched ease of operation, and strong performance. And all door-equipped merchandisers are designed to operate in Type II environments to ensure trouble-free operation in higher ambient and higher humidity conditions. 

“We are proud to deliver greater value to our customers by making fresh food displays more profitable with our new refrigerated door merchandisers that require less energy than open merchandisers, while providing the same presentation and pack out of fresh food,” said Joe Mockus, CEO of Structural Concepts. 

With the same footprint as the current Structural Concepts open front merchandisers, these new door-equipped merchandisers allow for an easy transition in existing floor plans, featuring Breeze-E slide out refrigeration to expedite and simplify routine maintenance. Not only is the shift seamless, but these units also offer the flexibility to position tight to wall/soffit with zero clearance refrigeration system. 

With solid, lighted continuous shelving to provide more options and flexibility for product merchandising configurations, a better and more appealing viewing area is created, thus increasing the level of convenience for shoppers to quickly access items. Available in multiple exterior colors and finishes, they will blend in with most retail formats and décor. 

The combination of using less energy with an R290 condensing unit featuring a variable speed compressor, an enhanced merchandising space to increase shopability, and the fact that these units can be scaled with multiple units for any size operation, operators are sure to immediately benefit from the new refrigerated door merchandisers from Structural Concepts.