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Smart Maintenance Tips from Smart Care

Smart Care 1D6A0404 1Regular planned maintenance from the Smart Care experts will keep your kitchen equipment running smoothly. The team at Smart Care knows that efficient equipment is well maintained. Every piece of equipment — from the simplest to the most sophisticated — needs regular
maintenance to keep it running at peak performance because downtime can mean lost revenue. To help your operation run more smoothly, Smart Care experts offer a few quick maintenance reminders:

Refrigeration: Check and clean air filters regularly to ensure proper ventilation. Check door gaskets for any cracks or tears and replace when needed. Clean drain pans and tubes and remove any sludge that may build up on them.

Fryers: Clean combustion fans at least monthly. Inspect for gas leaks every four to six weeks and boil out the fryer weekly.

Griddles, Grills, Ranges: Clean grates, flattops, grease traps and burners after every use; follow up with regular monthly deep cleaning. Remove and check grease filters and replace when buildup cannot be removed.

And here are a few general reminders for all equipment: Don’t underestimate the value of a good visual inspection. It can help prevent costly problems in advance. Clean and disinfect equipment often. And always follow the maintenance instructions listed in the operator’s manual. 

Most important, schedule regular planned maintenance on your kitchen equipment with trained professionals, like the Smart Care team. It’s the one sure way to know that your equipment is meeting all safety standards and running at optimal performance.