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Perlick and Tobin Ellis: Increasing Bar Efficiency

TESSMobileLE 0204 1Perlick’s Tobin Ellis Signature Series Limited Edition Mobile BarOn a busy night in a bar, the right equipment makes all the difference between service that runs smoothly and service that borders on chaos. That’s why Perlick teamed up with veteran high-volume bartender, six-time international bartending champion and world-renowned bar design specialist Tobin Ellis on the Tobin Ellis Signature Series bar equipment to make any bar run more efficiently. Each piece in the system is designed around the concept of Zero-Step Bartending to increase throughput, reduce labor costs and enhance the overall experience.

The Tobin Ellis Signature Series Cocktail Station is loaded with step-saving and work-saving features. For example, the station’s cockpit speed rails lets the bartender stand closer to the counter and customers, and holds up to 27 liters of product. Two low-temp refrigerated drawers are close at hand. The top drawer features eight 9-pans for convenient storage of garnishes or other ingredients, while the bottom drawer stores up to 24 liters and is tall enough to accommodate bottles with pour spouts. Those are just a few of the features that make the Tobin Ellis Signature Series Cocktail Station the ultimate in efficiency. For smaller or outdoor operations, Perlick’s line of Signature Series Mobile Bars brings that same efficiency in a compact size.

Add a Perlick Signature Series Ice Vault designed by Tobin Ellis for the best way to store large-format ice. It’s the only product on the market that’s NSF-certified to store and prepare craft ice. With flexible, temperature-controlled storage options for bottles or large-format ice, it’s one more way Perlick and Tobin Ellis are making Zero-Step Bartending
a reality.