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Fried Foods Made Quickly and Easily with AutoFry

AutoFry produces a variety of fried foods quickly, consistently and deliciously.AutoFry produces a variety of fried foods quickly, consistently and deliciously.Food that’s made to order always tastes better. And when food can be made to order quickly and efficiently, it’s a win-win. That’s why so many smart operators are using the AutoFry deep fryer from MTI. It’s the most convenient way to produce consistently delicious fried foods.

AutoFry is as easy as 1-2-3. First, place the food in the entry chute and close to load it in the fryer. Then, select the fry time on the keypad or use the programmable presets. In just minutes, remove your perfectly fried food from the receiving tray. That’s all there is to it.

AutoFry is ventless, so it doesn’t require a hood. And with only three moving parts, it’s reliable. Since it’s fully enclosed and automated, it’s also safer for employees to use. There’s even built-in ANSUL fire suppression. Most important, though, AutoFry produces product that’s fried to perfection every time. 

Nalyn of Kelli’s Café in Salem, Ore., is a satisfied AutoFry user who says, “The best thing we’ve done for our kitchen was get the AutoFry Mini-C. It’s allowed us to be more efficient and run with less staff. The product we put out with our AutoFry is great. We dial in cooking times and the machine puts it out perfectly.”

Choose from either double- or single-basket fryers. AutoFry is the only supplier with a complete range of automated ventless frying systems, so there’s a model to fit every operation and every budget.