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Self-washing speed combi oven coming to NRA

An oven that can cook at hyper-accelerated speeds, is able to follow voice commands, can function as a combi oven, and has a self-washing feature? It sounds like foodservice science fiction, but it’s actually a very real and very powerful innovation. And after much anticipation, it’s finally coming to the United States. Meet the SPEED-X™.

Don’t miss seeing the SPEED-X™ live in action at the National Restaurant show; booth #4443. Don’t miss seeing the SPEED-X™ live in action at the National Restaurant show; booth #4443.

This award-winning super oven from UNOX, a leading manufacturer of professional cooking equipment, is loaded with cutting edge technology, including Artificial Intelligence, a super-advanced operating system, and eco-conscious energy saving features. This not only makes it one of the best performing commercial ovens in today’s marketplace, but also one of the most efficient and intelligent machines you can find in a professional kitchen.

UNOX, Inc., the US subsidiary of the global UNOX community, will officially introduce the SPEED-X™ to the public at this year’s highly anticipated National Restaurant Show. UNOX Corporate Chefs will be demonstrating the oven’s incredible cooking performance live from their booth (#4443) and will be available to answer questions and address any doubts from consumers.

“We are thrilled to finally bring SPEED-X™ to the North American market,” said Luciano Delpozzo, President for UNOX North America. “It has been tested and proven in the European market as well as around the world. Now, it’s time to bring this ground-breaking innovation to the US and Canada.”

With SPEED-X™, limits are removed, and possibilities abound. In fact, one of the greatest challenges to cooking with a speed oven has now been eliminated. With SPEED-X™, even raw proteins can be perfectly cooked in a matter of seconds and the oven will clean itself after the cooking is complete. Before, speed cooking had to be done in a separate machine and only for certain foods, due to a typical speed oven’s lack of a washing feature.

The SPEED-X™ also features hyper-accelerated cooking, which means less time waiting, for both the chef and their customer. The combination of high-power microwaves and the gentleness of cooking with steam can now work in harmony to produce the fastest cooking times ever seen in a commercial oven as well as beautiful culinary results. After all, powerful ovens and intelligent technologies are not so impressive if they cannot ensure quality food. Because UNOX understands the demands of the most discerning chefs, they have created an oven that appeals to the artist and the scientist – both of which exist in just about every food service professional.

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