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Perfecting the Customer Experience

Jim C 24A Q&A with Batch Batchelder, Revalize Vice President of Customer Experience

Tell us about your department.

Batch Batchelder: The department is comprised of Customer Success and Global Customer Support. Both of these really exist to be the voice of our customers within Revalize and to help them discover added value in our solutions. What we really want to do is help them. Customer Success and Customer Support both service customers across the portfolio of Revalize products, including AutoQuotes, our traditional FES offering. Customer Support exists to provide prompt issue resolution to customer problems and challenges. Customer Success, on the other hand, is a bit more strategic. It exists to help customers maximize their investment in Revalize products by extending their utilization of the features and growing the value that our solutions provide. As a success team, we are working to be the internal liaison across Revalize teams on behalf of customers, advocating for and embodying the customer's voice as a philosophy across Revalize.

What makes an ideal customer experience?

Revalize Customer Support on mobile deviceRevalize’s goal is to consistently provide an optimal customer experience.

BB: When I'm a customer, what I'm looking for in an ideal experience is a low-effort experience. Did my question get answered quickly? Was my problem solved swiftly? Were the avenues to get the result I needed simple and easy to navigate? That's what I think of when I think about an ideal customer experience, and we work toward providing that goal for our customers. We're working every day to improve the overall Revalize experience, to make it easier and simpler and faster to get our customers the help that they need across all of Revalize — whether that's in our Customer Success or Customer Support teams, from our professional services and sales and accounting teams or any other function. We're investing in best-in-class infrastructures, like our customer relationship management software, customer health scoring, and net promoter score.

How has the new structure at Revalize affected your FES customers?

BB: Largely, the structure of the teams from Success and Support is pretty similar to what they had or would have experienced through AutoQuotes. So that's not necessarily new to our customers. I think the biggest change is that as Revalize, we've got so much more to offer in terms of what our customers could potentially choose from. We've added 3D capability to our solutions. We've got our Revalize computer price quote solutions. We've got our PLM solutions. Across all of that, we're really working to provide our customers with more options that enable their businesses to grow so that we can grow with them.

What can customers expect in the future from your teams?

BB: We will continue to advocate for those customers and work to improve how all of our customers experience Revalize. We'll continue to solicit input into the product direction, ask our customers how we're doing by our customer satisfaction and net promoter score surveys. We'll continue to grow our knowledge of our customers and work to improve our solutions and our offerings, and really continue to work toward building a world-class software company that helps our customers accelerate their revenue growth through those solutions.