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Keep Cool with Traulsen Glycol Prep Tables

There’s nothing worse than inconsistent temperatures in your prep table during a busy shift. Pizza toppings and sandwich fixings must be consistently kept at the proper temperatures, not just for food quality but for food safety. 

Waiting for a technician to respond to a service call to check your prep table can disrupt the entire flow of your kitchen, and may cause food loss, not to mention the labor and the prep work already done for the day. Plus, you may have disgruntled customers when they can’t order the dishes they want, and the ones they can order take longer to prepare. It’s an all-around bad scene.

Enter the workhorse of the kitchen 

Traulsen Prep Table

Traulsen Glycol Prep Tables are designed to solve these issues. Purposefully developed based on customer feedback, these tables are designed to be a kitchen workhorse. Using a glycol cooling system, they keep food at the proper temperature for freshness and safety, require very little maintenance and have a built-in cycle to avoid freezing. You get consistent refrigeration, 24/7.

The Traulsen Glycol Prep Table holds food at safe temperatures in the open rail, which means all toppings and ingredients stay within easy reach. At the end of the night, simply refill the ingredients, replace the cover and the unit will keep them fresh and safe, ready for a quick opening in the morning.

Who can say no to improved food cost, less maintenance and faster prep time? You won’t have to think about your prep table. It will just keep working for you.

Reduced food spoilage and costs

Traulsen Prep Table Food Wells

With a forced air prep table, removing a pan is like opening a refrigerator door and letting cool air out. If you don’t get your pans in and out quickly, you risk a dip in temperature and possible food spoilage. A glycol table uses contact cooling which keeps ingredients consistently cold, even without a full complement of pans. Temperature inconsistencies are minimized allowing your cold station to run more efficiently. In addition, the automatic defrost cycle keeps food from freezing around the edges, so no need to stir product in pans, another way you can potentially save on food and labor costs.

Low maintenance = fewer service calls

Traulsen Prep Table Coolant

Traulsen’s glycol prep table flows coolant through the top rails where the pans sit, for contact cooling instead of air flow.  This requires no fans or moving parts in the top rail.  If you have worked with a forced air refrigerated prep table, you know that a major pain point is fan motor failure and repair. The repair bills alone will cost you a pretty penny. The glycol system requires little maintenance to keep it going. 

Less prep time for your prep table

Traulsen Prep Table Cleaning

Prepping your prep table can be a chore. And breaking it down at night even more of one. Think how easy and convenient it would be to simply refill your ingredients and close the lid. All done and ready for the morning shift. Now you can.

This refrigerated prep table can be used for overnight storage, making closing and opening a breeze. You can use deeper pans to minimize replenishment of food during a busy shift. There is plenty of storage in the refrigerated cabinet beneath the pan rail as well, keeping extra ingredients within easy reach.

Finally, clean-up is simple. Wipe down the inside, just like you would a refrigerator.

Extreme kitchen environments meet their match

Kitchens are hot, there’s no way around that. And the prep table can sit right there in the mix across from the flaming-hot range or a pizza oven for example. This hot environment takes a toll on your cold ingredients. Glycol answers the call with contact cooling instead of forced air.  

With a Traulsen Glycol Prep Table, you can keep your food cold, your kitchen under control and your food cost under wraps. To learn more, visit https://www.traulsen.com/glycol-prep-tables.