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The Benefits of Using One Parts Supplier For Your Company

Partstown - customer on the phoneDealing with multiple vendors can lead to unforeseen frustration

Shopping around for the best price might seem like a good idea. But when it comes to buying parts and accessories for commercial food equipment, that isn't always the case. In fact, when companies turn to multiple suppliers, it can be expensive and create a big headache for you and your staff.

Finding one, trustworthy supplier can make the process of buying parts more affordable, streamlined and simpler. That's the peace of mind that Parts Town offers, the value of a one-stop-shop.

Less Suppliers, Less Work

While you might find a deal here and there by shopping around, the truth is that you and your staff could spend countless hours searching and sourcing for the right parts or accessories. Not to mention, each order will arrive at different times, meaning your team is stocking individual components multiple times throughout a given day or week. 

By ordering through a single distributor like Parts Town, you can have all the different parts you need shipped and delivered at once. This efficient step not only lets you track, receive and stock items at the same time, but it also simplifies the accounting process. Your administrators or accounting team don't have to pay and process numerous part invoices. We provide it all conveniently on one, easy invoice.

Are you worried about the selection with just one supplier? That's not an issue with Parts Town. With the most in-stock parts on the planet, you can purchase OEM foodservice equipment replacement parts from the brands you know and trust. 

More Cost Effective

Time is money. From your warehouse and administrative staff to your accounting and purchasing teams, buying various parts from multiple suppliers can eat up time that can be spent doing more valuable tasks for your company. In addition to saving time, there is another area that most companies overlook when shopping for parts and accessories: Shipping costs.

While turning to multiple suppliers with cheaper parts or directly from the manufacturer might seem cost-effective, the shipping costs can add up. For instance, each supplier or manufacturer typically offers different shipping rates. That means you could be stuck with a much higher price in total than you anticipated.

Did you know you can save on shipping by turning to one source like Parts Town? Your overall shipping fee decreases when multiple parts are shipped at one time or in one order. Not to mention, fewer shipments also cut down on receiving time and create a single point of contact to work with if there is ever an issue.

Dedicated Support & Experience

Keeping track of things can be hard. It's not only tricky with multiple invoices and tracking numbers but also with names and phone numbers. By dealing with various suppliers, you're sometimes not sure who to reach out to for help. In fact, some don't have easy access to customer support. Parts Town makes it easy for you and your company to get the support you need.

We have one phone number and one website to visit with all the information you need. But what really makes it special is the people on the other end of your chat, email or call. Our customer support team is friendly, knowledgeable and proactive. Whether you have questions about your account, an order or what parts belong on your piece of equipment, they're always ready to assist you over the phone, online or via text. 

In addition to game-changing customer support, Parts Town also offers you and your company the latest technology and innovations when shopping for parts. From our easy-to-use app and 360-degree PartSPIN images to smart manuals and serial number lookup, we help make buying parts and accessories easier and get you what you need faster.

So why turn to multiple suppliers? Make shopping for parts easier, affordable and simplified with Parts Town. Learn more about the value of a one-stop shop.

BIO: Parts Town is the leading distributor of genuine OEM foodservice equipment parts. When there's a hiccup in any commercial kitchen, Parts Town is ready to jump in and help with the most in-stock parts on the planet, innovative technology and an unmatched customer experience. 

Partnering with the top manufacturers of commercial cooking, refrigeration, ice and beverage equipment, and now offering HVAC and residential appliance replacement parts, Parts Town improves the supply chain, increases sales of genuine OEM parts and keeps every customer's business running like clockwork.