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Consistency Has Never Been So Challenging

The food service industry has been walloped by labor challenges, with a quit rate of 5.7% in January, 3.6% in February, and 6.1% in March, according to the federal government’s latest data, topping most other industries by a large margin. New employees need to be trained and it’s difficult to find enough qualified workers.

Blended beverages pose a particular challenge in these times because they are often more complex. When working under a lot of pressure, it can be difficult for new, front-of-house staff to reliably perform all of the tasks required for a consistent beverage outcome.

Perfect Results through Automation

Vitamix® Commercial, the brand trusted by coffee and smoothie shops around the world, is in close communication with its customers on the evolving challenges of creating consistent signature beverages. The Quiet One®, the company’s premier beverage blender, was the result of collaboration with one restaurant partner, and it has become a leading tool in the industry for maintaining blended beverage consistency.

Vitamix) TQO GreenSmoothieThe Quiet One is effective in busy, front-of-house operations because it is easy to use and produces precise results.

The Quiet One is effective in busy front-of-house operations because it is easy to use and produces precise results with one-button operation. While blending is inherently complex, involving multiple blending speeds for any one beverage, The Quiet One simplifies all that by running from optimized blending programs.

Understandably, when they have so much else to do, front-of-house staff do not have the time or patience to manage the transition to different blending speeds and stay with the machine while it runs to completion. Further, not all beverages require the same range of speeds and timing.

To solve these problems, Vitamix Commercial designed a machine with 34 optimized programs, enabling the machine to automatically perform most beverage blending tasks. The Quiet One gives you a lot of control over your beverage program.

Improving Efficiency and Order Accuracy

Front-of-House staff who use The Quiet One quickly become fans, because it is so quiet while it runs, and it’s easy to operate.

To simplify operation, Vitamix Commercial placed six program buttons on the front of the machine, each one representing one blending program. You can pull any of the machine’s 34 optimized programs to these front six buttons. This convenient arrangement means that your busy front-of-house staff only need to push one button to start the right beverage program. The Quiet One takes care of the rest, running precisely through the right series of speeds. Your staff can move on to another task while the program runs.

In addition, Vitamix engineers designed The Quiet One with a convenient sound enclosure and patented motor damping technology. These features are important because sound is an irritant to many front-of-house staff, adding to stress and interfering with order taking. The Quiet One can make the difference between hearing an order correctly – or not.

The Quiet One’s sound enclosure is effective because of the way it seals. A twist-lock design holds the sound enclosure in place, and rubber components between the upper and lower parts of the enclosure aid in the seal and dampen vibration. In addition, The Quiet One’s motor is suspended on a system of rubber grommets, further reducing sound.

As a result, even when The Quiet One is running at maximum speed, you can stand next to it and hold a normal conversation.

Producing the Best Signature Beverages

Vitamix GreenSmoothiesThe Quiet One simplifies blending by running from optimized programs that produce the same results every time.

While The Quiet One is a smart blender with impressive technology, it’s what comes out of it that will impress your customers. It produces signature beverages with just the right texture, even in back-to-back blending situations. Once the container is properly loaded (liquids first, then solids) and the correct program selected, The Quiet One will reliably produce the same results each time.

With so much chaos and change in today’s world, you need equipment that can deliver on your customers’ expectations. The Quiet One is thoughtfully designed to be durable, powerful and precise, ensuring all-day performance for high-performing chain restaurants.

Your Relationship with Vitamix

The Quiet One is a confidence builder, not just for managers but for the whole team. If you experience any difficulties or challenges, Vitamix Commercial will be there to back you up. The relationship with Vitamix Commercial extends beyond the purchase date. Our industry-leading support team is available to assist you at a moment’s notice.

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