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Never Buy Knives Again!

Mundial Offers Professional Knives with Wi-Fi Enabled Sharpening Technology.

Mundial, a global leader in cutlery manufacturing, is revolutionizing the knife sharpening process with its new Mundial SmartKnives™ system that saves restaurants time, money and resources. Mundial CEO, Michael Ceitlin, provides some insight below.

Mundial Smartknives Michael CeitilinMichael Ceitlin, Chief Executive Officer

Q: Never Buy Knives Again. That's a strong statement. What does it mean?

Michael Ceitlin: Never Buy Knives Again is a mind-boggling statement, particularly when it comes from a knife manufacturer. With our new system, we send customers a set of six or more free high-quality knives made of German steel, along with a small, easy-to-use sharpener. Using Wi-Fi, the machine recognizes the knife and sharpens it in less than a minute. Each knife can be sharpened 80-200 times, depending on the width of the blade. Then, as we track the knife consumption, we replenish the knives automatically, free of charge.

Q: How is it possible for you to provide free knives?

MC: In essence, we are cutting out the middleman. We removed every step in the supply chain that does not add value. Instead of buying knives or sending them to an outside sharpening service, the restaurant pays Mundial SmartKnives™ a $60 monthly fee to lease the machine and a nominal sharpening charge each time they use it.

Q: How much money should restaurants expect to save with the new system?

MC: One of the first questions we ask potential customers is how much they spend annually on knives? Most don’t know the answer. So, to start, we are taking a somewhat hidden cost and making it entirely manageable. Although it varies by restaurant, we strongly believe Mundial SmartKnives™ is the best value in the industry and estimate restaurants will save up to approximately 20% in annual operating costs.

Q: What type of steel is used to produce these knives?

MC: Mundial SmartKnives™ are produced in Brazil with the same high carbon steel DIN 1.4116 used in our top line of knives. Manufacturing world-class cutlery has been our tradition for over 125 years.

Q: What sets Mundial SmartKnivesapart from other knife sharpeners in the market?

MC: We are upending an outdated system that hasn’t changed in more than 50 years. The SmartKnives™ system provides kitchen staff with simplicity and convenience while improving service levels since restaurants can sharpen their knives on-site whenever necessary.

Mundial Screen Shot 600x306Mundial SmartKnives™ can be sharpened 80 to 200 times before the Mundial replaces them automatically and free of charge.

Q: How can industry professionals learn more about Mundial SmartKnives?

MC: Industry professionals can visit MundialSmartKnives.com or reach out to our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more. We also offer virtual and in-person live demos where we show restaurants across the country how this technology will transform their kitchen. Additionally, restaurants can try Mundial SmartKnives™ risk-free for 30 days.

Q: Tell us some of the feedback you’ve received.

MC: The response has been overwhelmingly positive. One of our customers, Strap Tank Brewery has several locations in Utah. We were so proud to receive this recommendation from General Manager, Aaron Boldt: “We LOVE using Mundial Smart Knives! We are a high-volume restaurant & brewery that preps a lot of fresh food items. With the amount of use of knives, we were needing to sharpen & replace knives constantly! Since using Mundial, we have not had to replace any knives and we sharpen a whole lot less! When a knife needs to be sharpened, it is incredibly convenient and cost-effective to have the ability to sharpen in-house. We are able to track each knife individually which has allowed us to track individual chefs’ productivity and in turn, we’re able to coach chefs to be better chefs! Customer support has been incredible! They are there for you every step of the way. I would recommend Mundial 110% for all kinds of establishments!“

Q: Is the sharpener going to take up a lot of space in my kitchen?

MC: Mundial SmartKnives™ is adaptable for all kitchens. The sharpening machine is compact and comparable to the size of a toaster oven.

Mundial Sharpening MachineIn less than a minute, the easy-to-use SmartKnives™ Sharpening Machine will restore dull knives.

Q: What are the benefits of this innovative technology?

MC: In addition to the cost-savings of never needing to purchase new knives and the convenience of being able to instantly sharpen knives, the high-tech system can enhance meal prep safety, decrease food waste, and potentially lower insurance premiums.

With Mundial SmartKnives™, you’ll never buy knives again, never send your knives to an outside sharpening vendor, and always have a full supply of sharp knives on site. Visit www.mundialsmartknives.com to learn more or sign up.

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