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How One C-Store Added Valuable Cooler Space

everidge EV Bakers coolerThe 44-foot-long ICS walk-in cooler is ready to be installed at the C-store.When a convenience store recently found itself in desperate need of extra cooler space, it got some much-needed help from ICS by Everidge.

The store is located on a busy highway near a popular lake recreation area. Its customer traffic is especially high in the summer, as boaters on their way to the lake stop in to pick up food and beverages. Because of that seasonal surge in business, the store has to increase its inventory of beverages. With no extra cooler space in which to store the additional beverages, many of the products had to be stored on shelves or in stacked cases. This meant that not only were the beverages stored at ambient temperature, but they were also taking up valuable floor space that could have been stocked with other items for sale. For a variety of reasons (not the least of which was cost), expanding the size of the building itself was out of the question.

Their answer was to install a one-piece cooler from ICS by Everidge outside the building. In consultation with a local contractor, the store determined the dimensions of the cooler it wanted: 44 feet long by 14 feet wide. With 12 glass doors on the unit, it was certainly an unusual request — but custom requests are no problem for ICS. Working with the local contractor, ICS designed the cooler and refrigeration system to meet the store’s needs. Upon client approval, the ICS construction team built their cooler to exact specifications. After the cooler was produced, ICS coordinated installation with the local contractor. The new cooler was ready to use in a matter of hours, with minimal disruption and no store closure. Now, every time the vacationers make their last-minute stop at the C-store, they have a wide range of perfectly chilled beverages to enjoy.

A Great Way to Add Space

everidge Beast StockedThe cooler holds massive quantities of beverages for thirsty patrons.Many C-stores are finding that a walk-in cooler or freezer from ICS is the perfect answer to their space problems. ICS units are ready to be added to existing structures because they are delivered fully assembled and pre-tested with all refrigeration installed. The units are “plug ‘n’ play” easy and need only a single electrical connection. Made with true one-piece construction, there are no gaps or seams in the unit, which eliminates leakage issues.

With cooler, freezer and ambient models available, they can handle any temporary increase in inventory or can even function as a food pickup or retail station. Delivery is quick, with standard units shipping in as little as five days; installation can normally be done in a few hours. All that’s needed is a flat surface such as a parking lot. The units can be easily relocated for maximum flexibility.

Every request that comes into ICS for a walk-in cooler or freezer unit is handled individually, and the design is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. Whether it’s a major chain of C-stores or a single operator, each order receives the same top-class treatment, both during the process and after installation.