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iCombi Pro and iVario Pro: Making Kitchens More Flexible

iKitchen Kitchen Situation iCombi Pro iVario Pro 003.tif masterThe iVario Pro (left) and iCombi Pro can replace many pieces of cooking equipment.Ask any operator what their biggest problem is right now and the answer probably contains the word “labor.” Whether it’s the difficulty of finding employees, the lack of available workers with the right skill set or retention issues, labor is one of the biggest problems — if not the biggest problem — facing foodservice today.

At the same time, flexibility has become an equally important issue in today’s kitchen. With rapidly changing consumer tastes and fluctuations in product availability, many foodservice operations are finding they have to change their menus more frequently than ever. To make the whole situation even more challenging, the increased popularity of delivery and takeout has forced some operators to rethink their kitchen design or workflow. Today, many operators are coming to rely more and more on their kitchen equipment to help produce their meals quickly and efficiently. For example, equipment that can multitask is extremely valuable because it allows a kitchen to produce more menu items without having to purchase more equipment. And equipment that can be remotely controlled lets operators monitor their cooking without having to stay in the kitchen.

A Powerful Pair

Smart operators are turning to the iCombi® Pro and iVario Pro from RATIONAL to help them produce delicious food with less effort.

The iCombi Pro has been called “the new gold standard” in combi ovens, and for good reason. It has a number of intelligent features that let kitchens find new flexibility. At the heart of the iCombi Pro is the iCooking Suite. Its intelligent sensors detect the size and amount of food in the oven and make the appropriate adjustments for perfect cooking. Its unique iProductionManager system indicates which food items can be produced together — even if they have varying cooking times. The system monitors each tray independently and manages the timing for each. With the high-profile ConnectedCooking platform, the iCombi Pro can be accessed remotely for system checks or recipe database access. The iDensity Control provides intelligent climate management inside the oven, and its high-performance air circulation and dehumidification offers greater productivity (as much as 50% greater) with reduced cooking times. And cleaning is a breeze with the iCare system. To keep the oven clean during busy times, there’s a quick interim cleaning feature that takes less than 15 minutes. When it’s time for a full clean, the oven indicates whether it’s slightly, moderately or significantly dirty and can clean itself in either standard or eco modes.

iCombi Pro 10 1 1 unit load catering close iProductionManager 002.tif masterThe unique iProduction Manager on the iCombi Pro monitors and manages the timing for several different food items.Partner it with the iVario Pro for an unbeatable kitchen team. The iVario Pro also features the iCooking Suite cooking intelligence for maximum performance. It grills, boils, sautés and deep-fries, all in one compact piece of equipment that uses up to 40% less electricity. There’s no chance of overcooking because heat is distributed evenly across the entire cooking surface. It can even replace a sous vide machine for low and slow overnight cooking.

The powerful team of the RATIONAL iCombi Pro and iVario Pro offers unmatched kitchen flexibility while saving time and money.