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Equipment Guide for Profitable Grab-and-Go Programs

While grab-and-go food concepts may be the direction many foodservice programs are heading, implementing one involves more than just wrapping up sandwiches and placing them on a shelf. To succeed, operators need to offer delicious, appetizing food that looks appealing and can maintain quality while waiting for customers.

With a few key pieces of equipment, operators can effortlessly set up a grab-and-go model that streamlines workflow and requires less labor.

High-quality heated display

Alto-Shaam display cases and heated food merchandisersAlto-Shaam offers a full line of display cases and heated food merchandisers

The centerpiece of a grab-and-go program, aside from the food, is quality heated display equipment. Merchandising equipment makes or breaks profitability—by helping manage and reduce foodservice costs. Nothing will kill a grab-and-go program more than serving food that’s dry and overcooked from sitting in display or merchandising equipment that utilized harsh heating technology.

Alto-Shaam offers a full line of display cases and heated food merchandisers designed to maintain a quality hot food program. Leveraging exclusive Halo Heat® technology, Alto-Shaam heated displays deliver precise, even heating without fans or air curtains that can dry out food. Operators can keep product at its perfect serving temperature and hold it for hours without overcooking or drying out. And to simplify the implementation of a grab-and-go food program, many of Alto-Shaam’s display cases and food merchandisers require no water connections or drains.

Ventless, multi-functional ovens

A well thought out design goes beyond square footage. Grab-and-go programs can achieve more with less space by replacing single-use equipment with multi-functional equipment that reduces labor, maximizes space and increases return on investment.

A multi-cook oven, such as Alto-Shaam’s Vector® ovens, are uniquely able to execute a variety of cooking applications simultaneously thanks to multiple oven chamber design. A single Vector Multi-Cook Oven can do the work of a convection oven, microwave, stovetop grill, pizza oven, fryer, speed-cook oven and more. The secret to more food at the highest quality is Structured Air Technology®, which evenly cooks food at its ideal temperature, fan speed and cook time control in up to four independent oven chambers.

As an added bonus, Vector H Series ovens are compact enough to fit on the countertop or be stacked with other equipment solutions.  All an operator needs are 21 inches of space. Countertop models are also certified ventless, eliminating the need for costly traditional kitchen hoods. Not only will the Vector maximize space, but it will eliminate overhead costs as well.

The foodservice industry is changing rapidly, and it can be difficult for an operator to keep up with demand. Alto-Shaam offers a variety of grab-and-go solutions to boost the profitability of foodservice operations of all sizes. 

To learn more, explore Alto-Shaam’s full line of commercial kitchen equipment.