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Award-Winning Solution for Ketchup Sachet Shortages

Server Ketchup Dispenser

It’s no secret the restaurant industry is experiencing another crisis, yet on a much smaller scale. In the midst of the pandemic, demand for ketchup packets literally had them sashaying off tabletops and out of distribution centers nationwide, impacting supply and increasing costs of America’s most loved condiment. Award-winning Touchless Express Dispensers are the answer to this national dilemma, providing a responsible, smarter solution for commercial condiment dispensing. 


Cost Savings

Manage portion sizes and control food cost with Touchless Express Dispensers. PerfectSense™ technology detects the user’s hand to dispense portions up to 1-oz safely without contact, and variable portions can be dispensed by removing your hand before the dispensing cycle is complete. These innovative dispensers use 1.5-gallon pouches with a 16 mm fitment for a completely sealed and sanitary system and deliver up to 98% evacuation. Furthermore, it takes three times as many restaurant condiment packets to equal one full portion from a Touchless Express Unit, resulting in less wasted product and greater cost savings. Plus, using a touchless dispenser drastically reduces the potential for pilferage, unlike condiment packets which were often taken home by the handful.

Sustainability Matters

Billions of condiment sachets are produced and sold into foodservice annually, causing a profound environmental impact. Our Touchless Express Dispensers use only recyclable pouches which produce 97% less solid waste than other packaging. And one 192-oz pouch is equal to 640- .3-oz condiment packets. That is a substantial amount of unnecessary waste pilling into landfills. 

Safer for All

76% of consumers said a restaurant’s cleanliness and food safety procedures will always matter more now than before.1 Touchless Express Dispensers feature a dispensing field approximately 1" to 3" from sensor eye, which eliminates unintended dispensing from regular surface sanitizing and pass-by activity in a busy location. The sealed, sanitary system maintains quality and prevents tampering and cross contamination. A single point to clean and sanitize reduces labor and eliminates multiple touches, unlike condiment packets, from staff and guests.

Learn more about our Award-winning Touchless Express Dispensers which provide the best solution for sauce and condiment dispensing in foodservice where safety is everything and cost savings and sustainability matter. And, discover what we’re doing to be socially responsible and more sustainable.