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Working Smarter with RATIONAL

A Q&A with RATIONAL National Corporate Chef Billy Buck

rational B BuckRATIONAL National Corporate Chef Billy BuckQ: Since the pandemic, many restaurants are operating with smaller teams. How can RATIONAL combi ovens help operators who are dealing with a smaller kitchen staff?

Billy Buck: RATIONAL combi ovens enable kitchens to run very efficiently. You push a button, load the food and the intelligence contained in the SelfCookingCenter® automatically adjusts the heat and humidity to deliver perfect results. The RATIONAL combi oven then alerts you when your food is ready. While the food cooks, staff can focus on plating, packaging or other tasks. Checking, turning and monitoring are taken out of the scenario, allowing smaller kitchen teams to
do more.

Q: In addition to saving on labor, how else can the RATIONAL combi assist the kitchen?

BB: Other areas of savings include food costs and energy. The RATIONAL patented cooking intelligence ensures items cook at optimal temperatures to deliver consistent results, which reduces food waste and increases yields. When in use, RATIONAL technology only deploys the exact amount of energy needed to produce your desired results, which reduces energy consumption.

rational scc 101 frontal mixed load snacks USAThe RATIONAL SelfCooking Center can help any kitchen run more efficiently.Q: A lot of kitchens need to hire new kitchen staff, is the RATIONAL easy to operate?

BB: The SelfCookingCenter® is designed to be intuitive, like a smartphone. Kitchen management can program the SelfCookingCenter® with menu items, making it easier for staff at any skill level to create signature dishes with a press of a button. For new kitchen leadership, we do have the free RATIONAL ChefLine. The support line is available 365 days a year and answered by our Corporate Chefs. We are happy to assist with any recipe or application questions.