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What Food Processor Is Right for Your Kitchen?

Whether you’re slicing, chopping, dicing or shredding, the right food processor can help you experiment with various ingredient combinations — and it can save you some serious prep time, especially when working with high volumes of food. So how do you know which is the best fit for your kitchen?

It is important to consider your priorities, such as the amount of time you have to prep ingredients and what consistency you want to see in the finished products. Decide what you need to achieve. Does your food prep require a lot of chopping or slicing? Do you also want to make sauces and purées?

Think about how much flexibility you need. Many food processor models come standard with an assortment of cutting tools and other tools available as optional. Some food processors can complete tasks, such as mixing and kneading, to increase versatility.

Types of food processors

Whether you’re slicing, chopping, dicing or shredding, the right food processor can save you time in the kitchen. Whether you’re slicing, chopping, dicing or shredding, the right food processor can save you time in the kitchen. Knowing the features, benefits and application possibilities can help you decide on the best food processor for your kitchen.

Continuous feed food processors are great for tackling large quantities of ingredients quickly. Hobart offers these models in multiple sizes. For example, smaller units are available to produce 11 pounds per minute, which equates to a production capacity of 400 meals daily, while larger units can produce up to 88 pounds per minute for a production capacity of 3,000 meals per day. There are models available for production capacities in between these quantities. Continuous feed food processors offer an assortment of cutting tools to slice and dice fruits and vegetables, as well as grate cheese and nuts, and more. They are a great choice for gaining time savings in the kitchen.

Bowl-style food processors are a compact countertop option for chopping, mincing, mixing and emulsifying. This style of food processor is perfect for whipping up aromatic butter, chopping nuts or seeds for pastries, and mixing dough for a pie or cheesecake. Operation is easy too. Select the ingredients, then the run time will determine the texture of the final product. Hobart bowl-style food processors are available in 4- or 6-quart capacities.

Combination food processors combine the capabilities of a continuous feed food processor and a bowl-style processor into one machine, for maximum flexibility. This style processor can cut, mince, chop, mix and emulsify, making it a good choice for working with bread, sauces, meats and toppings. The Hobart HCC34 combination food processor can process 4.4 pounds of product per minute to produce 80 portions daily.

Cutter mixers are a good option if you need to cut and blend large volumes of ingredients and it can mix, too. The Hobart cutter mixer features a 45-quart bowl and is ideal for creating everyday items, such as sandwich fillings, salad dressings, salsa, breadcrumbs and pastries.

No matter the type of food processor you choose for your kitchen, when used properly this equipment can save time and money — all while helping you create fresh, high-quality foods. Always follow the food prep equipment manufacturer’s recommendation for operation to ensure the best results.

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