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Combi Ovens: Invaluable for Smaller Kitchens

A Q&A with Markus Glueck, RATIONAL Executive Vice President, North America

Why are kitchens smaller today?

Markus Glueck: Decreasing kitchen size creates more front-of-house seating, and more profits. Now increased pickup and delivery, increased demand and different concurrent workflows can make even an adequate kitchen for dining seem too small.

How do smaller kitchens affect the average operator?

MG: In small kitchens, every bit of available space must be used to maximum advantage. Because combi ovens can fry, roast, grill, steam, poach, bake, and cook multiple items at one time, many operators find combi ovens to be indispensable.

The convenient RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® XS combi oven delivers professional-class performance in a space-saving footprint.

Why are combi ovens a smart investment for a smaller kitchen?

MG: A professional-class combi oven, like the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter XS, is a key player in small kitchens because it offers almost unlimited menu flexibility, and positions the kitchen to incorporate future trends. It does all this in a space-saving, small footprint — just 26 inches wide. RATIONAL combi ovens can be stacked to enable more production in a small space.

What are the key benefits of a combi oven?

MG: A RATIONAL combi oven is the best kitchen assistant! The intelligence contained in the programs enables culinary professionals, at any level, to deliver perfect results at a touch of a button without checking, flipping or monitoring. It enables your operation to do more with less space, waste, labor, cost and stress.