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Tips for Executing a Successful Takeout Program

With the industry rapidly shifting, operators across all segments are innovating new ways to serve customers by expanding their delivery and takeout services. Restaurants are aligning with state-issued orders by increasing takeaway offerings, including family style meals and curbside pick-up options. Many are even providing free, no contact delivery or offering senior-only hours to ensure the safety of their customers.

The increased delivery and takeout demand has presented new challenges for operators who want to keep food quality high and wait times low. With a full system in place, operators can maximize profits, while also ensuring the highest food quality for their customers.

Cook Food the Way It’s Intended

Traditional cooking technologies, like conventional ovens, microwaves and impingement ovens lack the ability to cook food at its optimal settings. This can lead to subpar food quality that is unable to hold up over time during a takeout and delivery program—leading to hard sandwich bread, soggy vegetables or cold food altogether. The latest cooking technology can help operators cook food items and ingredients the way they are meant to be cooked—to ensure it maintains at the highest quality during takeout and delivery.

AltoShaam Takeout Cooking EquipmentVector® Multi-Cook Ovens feature up to four ovens in one with independent temperature, fan speed and cook time controls. Without flavor transfer between chambers, this allows operators to meet customer demands with an unmatched volume and variety of food at the highest quality. Exclusive Structured Air Technology® delivers optimized, focused heat that results in faster, more even and consistent cooking—two times faster than conventional technology.

Maintain Food Temperatures with Radiant Heat

Food can be sitting, waiting for pick up anywhere from 30-40 minutes. A key staple of a takeout or delivery program is equipment that can maintain ideal food temperatures during this time—so that it’s fresh and hot when it reaches the customer. Existing holding technologies often utilize harsh topical heating elements that can dry out food and increase safety risks, from employee burns to packaging setting on fire. Many operations also utilize unheated stands, resulting in cold and soggy food.

Heated holding cabinets with Halo Heat® technology distribute heat evenly and hold food to a consistent temperature without degrading food quality. With gentle, radiant heat that surrounds the food, these cabinets will ensure that it is hot and ready for pick up no matter when the customer arrives.

Holding cabinets are energy efficient and easy to install with no water required—saving money, time and energy, while satisfying customers and reducing food waste. For optimal layout, cabinets and carts are available with casters for easily mobility and can be placed anywhere, such as under the counter or stacked with a Heated Shelf Merchandiser or other equipment to further maximize space.

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