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Ask. Share. Repair: Say Hello to Techtown

Everyone who repairs or maintains foodservice equipment knows that finding the right help can be tricky. Fortunately, there is a website where everyone from foodservice technicians to facility's managers can get the proper help they need.

Techtown is an online community that lets technicians across the industry share best practices, find answers to questions and access helpful information. Members can sign up for free by setting up a username and providing an email address, or you can sign up with social media, Amazon or Google accounts.

While the forum is the driving force behind the site, users also have access to enhanced features and resources. 

Easy Navigation 

Discussions on techtown are broken into different topics to help techs get to the right section faster. For instance, if you're looking to ask questions about fryers, ovens or steam kettles, check out "The Hot Side" category. Looking for help fixing a walk-in freezer or refrigerated display case? All relevant discussion posts are housed in "The Cold Side" category. There also are areas dedicated solely to food prep, HVAC and technician tools. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

Most technicians use their phones to search for resources, whether they're in their vans or in a commercial kitchen. Techtown has a mobile-friendly design that is compatible with all major devices, so technicians can ask questions and navigate with ease. Later this year, techtown will release a mobile app for Android and iOS (Apple) devices, making the site even more convenient to use.

Opportunities to Earn Rewards & Tools

Once members sign up, they can earn rewards immediately by replying to discussion posts, asking a question or sharing a nugget of knowledge. The more participation, the more points are earned. Points can be reimbursed for a wide variety of items, including tools, gift cards, backpacks and other useful gear.

Select members also can participate in the tool review program. When a user signs up, they receive a free tool in exchange for a review from “the field” within four weeks of its arrival. Reviews can be shared as an article with pictures or a high-resolution video. 

More Resources

The new techtown offers members easy access to a large collection of resources, including industry news, training materials and information on the newest tools. But perhaps the most noteworthy resource is the manufacturer directory. This section of the website lists details for foodservice manufacturers, ranging from tech support phone numbers and email addresses to website links and even hours of operation.

Chances to Build a Personal Community 

The community encourages technicians to discuss anything they'd like. Techtown also lets users share photos, videos, and other documents in their post. Members also can create their own private groups where only select members can be part of the conversation. This lets a service company or group of local technicians share schematics, catch up or talk about the latest tricks of the trade.

Of course, new features will be added to the site all the time. Since it's a community, the members will always help drive the direction of the site. By providing direct feedback, techtown can continue to be a convenient, one-stop solution for all foodservice technicians. 

We hope to welcome you to techtown, and that you’ll find it an important resource to help find the right fix the first time. The community is incredibly helpful, and chances are you’ll find yourself using your own experience answering questions from your fellow members. See you soon on!

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