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Fiesta® and Foundry Inspire SKULL AND VINE® - Get Yourself Some Statement Dinnerware

HLC Skull and Vine 06 19

Taking dinnerware decoration to new levels of inspiration, SKULL AND VINE® demonstrates the high artistry that is the hallmark of Homer Laughlin. It’s an inventive design that is a feast for the eyes in black or white, adding an air of mystical celebration to every meal.

The intricate pattern, inspired by common symbols of the Day of the Dead holiday (Dia de los Muertos), comes in two dramatically contrasting colorways: SKULL AND VINE - Foundry features a metallic design on a matte black cast-iron-like finish, and SKULL AND VINE - Sugar boasts a festival of Fiesta® colors like Scarlet, Turquoise, Poppy, Sage, Daffodil, and Mulberry on a classic white ceramic background. 

Available in dinner plates, pasta bowls, mugs, and more, SKULL AND VINE in both Foundry and Sugar serves to heighten appetites and encourage culinary creativity. Whether you want to create a dark and mysterious aura or a bright, festive atmosphere, it attracts plenty of attention to the table. It is dinnerware for the bold and adventurous establishment, no matter the menu. 

HLC Skull and Vine plate

With painstakingly detailed skulls that dance amid swirling leaves and vines, the striking design resonates with all diners and dining styles from farm-to-table to urban, from Latin to American, from coffee-house chic to late-night hip. Give fine dining an edge, give comfort food a wink of humor, help signature dishes really bring down the house. SKULL AND VINE is sure to provide the creative nudge needed to elevate plating to the next level.

“We’re excited to see the different ways restaurants are inspired by SKULL AND VINE

and make it their own,” said Katie Bricker, foodservice and general marketing manager for HLC. “It was created to bring that extra something special to the table.”

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