Q&A with Lori Fate, Key Account Manager East, Server Products

Q. Describe the challenges non-commercial operators face on a day-to-day basis.

CerealServPR Marketing ImageServe-up cereal favorites with CerealServ™ double and triple dispensers.Lori Fate: Colleges and universities in particular are contending with managing high staff turnover, staying within tight budgets, overseeing many concepts in one location and keeping operators up to date to attract and retain students. In fact, the quality of these schools’ dining experience is a major factor in student recruiting and retention. With preset menu items, portioning consistency is critical to minimize costs. Many of Server’s products are designed to meet these challenges head on.

Q. What options are available to help non-commercial operators save money and labor, while expanding their menu offerings?

LF: Just like in commercial foodservice, non-commercial operations are about keeping people happy, so the ability to switch things out easily as the menu changes is key. There are a breadth of Server products that provide added opportunities for schools and healthcare operations to expand their offerings while sticking to necessary budgets, such as dry dispensing units for portion control, seasoning dispensers, condiment dispensing systems for added versatility and soup warmers for custom programs.

Q. What are the benefits and options with portion controlling condiments?

LF: Volume and pouch condiment dispensers can be located in remote areas, customized with a variety of flavors and set up as self-serve for patrons to create their own flavor experiences. These can be used for a variety of food toppers, including ketchup, mustard and tartar sauce. Most importantly, portion control can help non-commercial operations control food costs by minimizing waste.

Q. How can dry dispensing units benefit non-commercial operations?

LF: Whether a university or health care operation, dry dispensing can be used in any day part for things like dry cereal, granola, cookies or candy. Perfect for a self-serve ice cream station, our SlimLineTM topping dispenser is very versatile, with one to four hoppers available to handle most any dry dispensing need. Plus, their clear help to merchandise the offering by allowing users to see the product that’s being dispensed. Because every operator is starved for countertop real estate, these units take up a very small footprint and are also available in wall mount models. Like the condiment dispensers, the dry dispensing units can be used in self-serve applications for any type of non-commercial business.

Server WarmersKeep soup and other food at the perfect temperature with Server Products’ warmers

Q. What are the benefits with electronic soup warmer stations?

LF: Millennials are seeking local flair, more choices and fresh options. Server’s warmers are rethermalizers and are designed to keep soup and other food warm with thermostatic controls, which means there is no fluctuation in temperatures. These units not only provide options for operators looking to offer hot food, but can accommodate any items requiring warm temperatures for added menu flexibility. Menu creativity is critical in today’s campus dining environment, yet everyone, not just college students, has a more complex palate. Server’s warmers provide added options for operators looking to add local flair and fresh product to their offerings.