A Q&A with Markus Glueck, Executive Vice President for North America, RATIONAL

 Rational Geraetegruppe SCCRATIONAL carries a full line of smart appliances that support any kitchen team.

Q. What are the requirements of non-commercial kitchens?

Markus Glueck: Non-commercial kitchens often have staff with limited experience, which means equipment needs to be easy to use. The patented intelligence inside the RATIONAL
SelfCookingCenter® enables staff at any experience level to produce delicious meals using techniques beyond their reach with traditional kitchen equipment.

Q. Discuss the ease of use with RATIONAL combi ovens.

MG: Our combis recognize the size, condition and quantity of items, so creating consistent results is as simple as pushing a button. RATIONAL combis also have programming capabilities, allowing multiple locations to produce the same favorable results.

Q. What are other benefits this equipment offers?

MG: It’s easier to prepare meals from scratch and reduce use of prepared foods, which lowers costs
and increases nutrition. Also, the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® uses up to 95 percent less oil when preparing items such as breaded chicken and fries. The SelfCookingCenter® automatically records HACCP data, so documentation is readily available online.

Q. Time savings is critical in non-commercial applications. How can this equipment accomplish this?

MG: Meals can be prepared in advance, food can be cooked overnight and a variety of foods can be prepared at the same time without flavor transfer. In general, our combis cook 33 percent faster than traditional equipment.