At Prince Avenue Baptist Church and Christian School in Bogart, Ga., reliability and food safety are paramount. While the school’s lunch program serves between 350 and 400 meals to K-12 school children each weekday, its church kitchen handles Wednesday night dinners for 300 as well as important special functions throughout the year.

HitachiThis sample graph shows a spike in refrigerator temperature, which triggers an alert so operators are aware of any issues immediately.

After Prince Avenue had a couple close calls with its cooler and freezer operations, Robinson knew they had to take action.

“There were instances with the temperatures going out of range, and we almost lost food,” says Robinson. “I asked the service tech about our options. He recommended Hitachi’s Glacier sensor refrigeration monitor.”

With this system, users can monitor their assets remotely and the unit is easily installed with no modification to existing equipment.  

Since Prince Avenue has installed the system in its cooler and freezer, the Glacier sensor has saved the church thousands of dollars in potential lost food costs.

“In October 2017, we received a text alert that temperature was out of whack,” says Robinson. “The condenser fan completely quit, and Hitachi’s system alerted us immediately.”

He said with the system’s phone app, temperatures can be monitored 24/7 and text alerts are sent if temperatures go out of range.

“This system provides us with the reassurance that everything is working properly,” says Robinson.