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The Reliable Professional Kitchen Assistant

Q&A with Markus Glueck, executive vice president, RATIONAL North America

Q. When talking about equipment time savers, what does that mean in the foodservice industry?

Markus Glueck: It means that your equipment works harder and does more. An example is cooking bacon, sausage and several styles of eggs all at the same time, in the same device, while the appliance monitors the cooking.

Q. What are the benefits to an operation with this equipment?

A. With this equipment, an operation saves time and money, so there is a strong ROI. With the right equipment choices, operators can improve food quality, expand menu variation, spend more time with customers and consider new ways to improve the customer experience.

Q. What specific equipment can operators focus on as time savers?

A. Combi-steamer technology is the clear choice. The market-leading RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® appliance can switch between cooking modes for continual use throughout the day and cook different foods at the same time. As its name implies, it automatically detects the state of the food to ensure perfect results.

Geraetegruppe SCCRATIONAL carries a full line of smart appliances that support any kitchen team.Q. How does it save time?

A. The SelfCookingCenter® monitors the cooking climate and browning, eliminating the need to flip or turn items, and it lets the operator know when the food is ready. The unit can cook or clean itself overnight while the chef monitors progress via smartphone. It’s truly the beginning of the smart, connected kitchen.