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Country Club Cuisine Made Easy with Ovention

Evergreen Country Club Chef Randy Brown is finding that the Ovention oven helps him meet the challenge of producing high-volume food quickly. With its unique cooking capabilities, he can satisfy his customers’ desire for top-quality cuisine.

Ovention HamCheese 04 18High-quality food served fast with Ovention®. From signature paninis to cookies to shrimp and steak.

Chefs at country clubs are faced with a unique challenge. On one hand, they are often faced with turning out high-volume food for banquets and other group affairs. At the same time, they have a demanding clientele that wants high-quality, delicious dishes. Those are the challenges faced by Chef Randy Brown of the Evergreen Country Club in Elkhorn, Wis., who relies on the Ovention oven to help produce consistent, fresh-tasting food quickly.

The crowning glory of the Evergreen Country Club is its 27-hole championship golf course, given a rating of “four stars” by Golf Digest magazine. An outdoor pavilion provides a perfect location for parties and other informal events.

There are many choices for food at the Evergreen. The Pub offers casual dining, and every Friday night, a traditional Wisconsin-style fish fry brings in local patrons. While the Evergreen foodservice department serves a substantial number of golf outings, banquets and weddings, “our new project is the original clubhouse, which is in the process of being rehabbed,” says Brown. “That’s our new, full-time foodservice operation, called The Bunker Grill, Bar & Que.” Expanded catering operations are also on the horizon at the Evergreen.

So, Brown needed to find an oven that would be fast and flexible and that would allow him to offer a variety of menu items. He saw a demonstration of the Ovention oven and as he says, “I was sold. I was hooked on it.”

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He currently uses his Ovention for everything from sausage to shrimp to bread and rolls. Next up is a full pizza program, for which the oven is “fantastic,” he says. “I run the pizza crusts through to heat them slightly. Then I put my toppings on and send it back through. I can put a 12” pizza together and cook it in five minutes.”

Not only does the Ovention oven save time but it’s a labor saver as well, Brown says. It takes less effort to train staff on its operation because, as he says, “once it’s set, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.” Most importantly, the Ovention oven gives him increased menu flexibility. As an example, he’s planning on increasing his healthy offerings because the oven lets him “do a lot of things you normally do in a fryer.”

Because of those many advantages, Brown says that when the planning stages for The Bunker began, the Ovention oven “was the first thing on my list. It’s been a great oven.”

Ovention Matchbox1718 04 18Cook a full menu of delicious offerings with the Ovention Matchbox® 1718 Oven.

Randy Brown uses the Ovention Matchbox 1718 oven to help him produce a wide variety of tasty dishes quickly at the Evergreen Country Club. With its ability to grill, roast, bake, steam, broil and fry, it takes the concept of a conveyor oven to a whole new level. The 1718 can fit up to a 16” pizza or a half-size sheet pan. It holds up to 1,000 multistage recipes and has a dual-touch screen display. A handy USB port allows for recipe uploads and downloads, viewing of cook logs and a diagnostic mode.

Ovention ovens are ventless and stackable, and come in a number of footprints that fit any location — perfect for operations where space is tight. What’s more, they all feature Precision Impingement® technology, which delivers the speed of a rapid cook without the loss of quality.

Those many features allow chefs like Randy Brown to offer exciting new menu options with unmatched ease of preparation. As he says, “We’ve not even used this oven to its full potential yet.”