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Service and Maintenance Requirements for Restaurant Ranges

Paul Mann, co-owner of Service Engineering Co., Asheville, N.C., shares his thoughts on what it takes to keep a restaurant range up and running.

FE&S: What are the typical cleaning recommendations for a restaurant series range?

PM: These ovens can be cleaned every day using regular oven cleaner, but this should only be used on the equipment’s exterior for baked-on food. Otherwise, regular grease remover or heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner can be used on the outside of the oven. Grates should be removed and cleaned in the sink or soaked in a strong solution when necessary.

FE&S: Are there any recommendations for use to make this task easier?

PM: Operators should make sure not to bake food onto the oven, or it will take extra time to clean.

FE&S: What is the typical service life of a restaurant series range?

PM: The ovens average a 10-year service life.

FE&S: What are signs the oven needs servicing?

PM: Different things will break over time, like gas valves and thermostats, which can be replaced.

FE&S: What are the signs a restaurant series oven needs replacing?

PM: We haven’t had many instances where the door breaks, unless it’s mistreated. In this case, it may be worth replacing the unit.