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Servicing and Maintaining Cook-and-Hold Ovens

Cook-and-hold ovens offer a variety of features that promote easier cleaning and maintenance, including removable interiors or top-mounted control modules. Smooth interior coved corners also help prevent food buildup. Antimicrobial handles on some units prevent pathogen growth.

Simple steps, such as placing sheet pans beneath cooking foods to catch drips, can keep cleaning time to a minimum. Properly maintained cook-and-hold ovens can have service lives of five to ten years.

Here, Josh Taylor, service director, American Kitchen Machinery and Repair, Philadelphia, Pa., provides cleaning and maintenance tips for cook-and-hold ovens.

  • Routinely check to make sure the oven holds at the proper temperature.
  • When cleaning the interior, scoop out heavy solids and use an all-purpose grease cleaner, stainless steel solution or oven cleaner. Refrain from using caustic or harsh cleaners that could corrode the metal.
  • Wipe the door gasket at the end of the day, and check to ensure it doesn’t need replacing.
  • Clean venting louvers, keeping them free of dust and grease.
  • Keep oven fans clean and free of debris. Regularly wipe them out and grease them as needed.
  • If the oven is over temping and burning or drying out food, this could be a sign that the thermostat or product probe is failing.
  • Doors that are damaged from wear and tear signify that the unit needs replacing.