Draft Beer Systems

Draft beer systems like the ones below can handle anywhere from 1 to more than 200 different varieties.


Spinstick™ Mixing Base for Cocktails On Tap

Micro Matic USA, Inc.MarraForni nafem product Stackable Oven LR

The Spinstick™ Mixing Base from Micro Matic continuously blends cocktails with our patented vortex technology, preventing nearly any recipe from separating or settling. Simply drop the FDA-compliant SpinStick™ stirrer into a filled Beverage Tank™ with a batch recipe of your choice. Place the tank on top of the proprietary motorized mixing base and within moments, the SpinStick™ will begin spinning, resulting in a continuous mixing of the cocktail. Our mixing base system allows you to run up to four mixer bases in a series. Place in a keg box or a walk-in cooler to create your own signature beverage program!