Is Water Filtration Worth the Money? Tips on Underbar Equipment, Reach-Ins, Soft-Serve Machines and More

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August 2, 2016

Is Water Filtration Worth the Money?

Water filtration systems may seem like one of those invoice line items that just drives up the cost of foodservice equipment and maintenance. These systems, however, are absolutely necessary to keep units running efficiently and to keep them in warranty.

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Minimize Equipment Downtime in Three Easy Steps

Today you can access almost anything you want on demand. Why should ordering replacement parts for your kitchen equipment be any different? When you order from a consolidated parts provider, you can access parts on demand 24/7 with a few clicks of your mouse. Follow these three easy steps to make equipment repairs as easy as 1, 2, 3. Click here to learn more.

Service Tips: Convection Ovens

Operations can use convection ovens to prepare many different menu items. By circulating air in the cooking chamber, they can shorten cooking times and produce crisp crusts on baked goods. Here are a few tips to keep convection ovens running smoothly.

Product Knowledge Guide: Reach-In Refrigerators

Reach-in refrigerators or uprights, which keep food temperatures between 36 degrees F and 38 degrees F, can store a variety of perishable food. Glass door models can help foodservice operators merchandise packaged sandwiches, beverages and impulse food purchases, while custom models can store temperature-sensitive items such as wine and chocolate.

The Cleaning and Maintenance of Underbar Equipment

Service agent Christopher B. Warren, director of operations, Joe Warren & Sons, Norwood, Mass., offers a few tips on keeping underbar equipment in top operating condition.

Specification Considerations for Soft-Serve Machines

Consultant Arlene Spiegel, president of New York City-based Arlene Spiegel & Associates, discusses the hard, cold facts foodservice operators will need to know when purchasing a soft-serve machine.

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