Long-Term Warranties Have Hidden Costs, Service Tips: Combi Ovens, and More

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March 3, 2016

Long-Term Warranties Have Hidden Costs

Warranties can make purchasing a piece of equipment more attractive to a foodservice operator. While longer-term warranties might seem like a bargain up front, they create other costs that operators and members of the supply chain have to reckon with in other aspects of their businesses.

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Three Ways to Maximize Uptime with a Consolidated Parts Program

When kitchen equipment breaks down, operators face a choice: They can track down parts by calling the manufacturer directly, or they can partner with a reliable, consolidated parts provider. When you call a consolidated parts provider, you’ll reach a dedicated parts specialist who can help determine what part you need and ship it to you as soon as possible, minimizing hassle and maximizing equipment uptime. Click here to learn more.

Service Tips: Combi Ovens

Combi ovens are complex pieces of foodservice equipment that can provide plenty of value in a commercial kitchen. Here are five tips to help keep a combi oven in top working order.

Product Knowledge Guide: Walk-In Refrigeration

Walk-ins make it easier for foodservice operators to store large amounts of food items on-site and can be more efficient than multiple reach-in coolers or freezers. These units also can serve as large auxiliary rooms for prepping ingredients.

Consultant Q&A: Rick Sevieri

Consultant Rick Sevieri, president of RJS Barber Associates, talks to FE&S magazine about walk-in refrigeration.

The Operational Impact of Local Sourcing

Mention the phrase “farm to table” and it conjures up images of white-tablecloth chefs bringing in unusual, high-end agricultural products from artisanal growers. But today, operators in virtually all segments of the industry, including noncommercial, use the essential concept to deliver more healthful and delicious meals to their customers. Here’s a look at how a few operations beyond the white-tablecloth segment bring fresher, higher quality products to their customers, along with some tips from the experts on how to solve the challenges that come with local sourcing.

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